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Located in Sweden's West Coast, Scandinavian Travel Innovation is a purveyor of top quality travel equipment.

Scandinavian Travel Innovation AB was spun-off from its mother company and founded January 1st, 2014, but the team behind the company has been working together since 2001. We are a concept and design driven company with the creative and artistic passion coupled with the technical know how to get the job done. At the core of everything we do are the needs of the users of our products, ourselves included (!), and the humble deterimination to create solutions and products better than anything ever before.

We are a total of 12 people working in the headquarters in Hovås, Sweden, and we have wholly managed or partner offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Sydney, Seoul and Hong Kong. Logistics and administrative services are outsourced. Vätterleden Invest, a Gothenburg-based private equity firm, controls company shares.

Company turnover for its first full fiscal year will be reported at approximately MSEK 75 (USD 11,2 million).

Projected turnover for 2014 is MSEK 96 (USD 14,3 milion).



(+46) 031-749 24 00


Visiting Address

Billdalsvägen 2
436 55 Hovås




EPIC® Travelgear is the result of what our team of people, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, believe is the very best travel gear to get you to and from and through your adventure. We believe that keen observation combined with constructively used brainpower makes the difference between the fantastic and the mediocre. We look at the products we produce with a real passion, and put all of our personal collective experience in traveling around the world, as well as the same from our friends, into producing the very best we can right here and now. We do it all with a Scandinavian twist on design and functionality.


Knirps® is much more than just a functional product to keep you dry in the rain. It makes a statement about who you are. Knirps® team of top international fashion and product designers has created a range of stylish umbrellas for today’s man or woman, which combine Knirps® traditional reliability with modern tastes and needs.

The designs are inspired by the latest looks from the world’s catwalks, but also by themes from nature and even the aerodynamic silhouette of a racing car! The result is a series of unique products which are prized both for their elegance and their durability. Knirps®: quality and innovation at the very highest level



Designed for tomorrow - The idea of offering light-weight luggage in an innovative design with high-quality materials at attractive prices has become a genuine success factor for the Titan brand. The excellent price-performance ratio is securely rooted in the brand’s philosophy. At the same time the creators at Titan don’t want to appeal to prestige-oriented consumers, but rather to modern and mobile individuals who get excited about the concept and the product and not just the added value of the logo. Since its founding in 1983, Titan has been committed to providing customers with total satisfaction of its products. With that in mind, all Titan products are covered by Titans high level Warranty.


Have you ever dreamed about going back in time and taking the technology of today with you? If so, this is probably a great suitcase for you! The AirBOX® brand is all about modern simplicity, durability, and rugged functionality. Basically, AirBOX® offers durable rolling boxes that are made to fly!



All Airspeed components are designed and manufactured with ergonomics, low weight, and high performance, and durability as highest priorities. You can expect comfort, great performance, and a long service life from these. All Airspeed components can even be replaced in the event that they become damaged or you wear them out. It doesn't get much better than Airspeed!


XPAK is all about extra packing space and more organization wherever you may be going. Within our XPAK concept, you will therefore find lots of great lighweight, compact, smart and functional products that will surely help you organize your kit and create packing space for extra stuff that you may find and want to bring back home during your adventure. Try XPAK Flight if you value weight and compactness highly. If you want something extremely rugged, but still compact go for XPAK Outdoor. 


Our Team

James Krueger

031-749 24 08

Robert Grou

Head of Design & Marketing
031-749 24 77


Roman Pérez

Media Production
031-749 24 44


Johan Närstad

Head of Operations
031-749 24 40


Annika Winlöf

Purchasing and Logistics Specialist
031-749 24 21

Sofia Larsson

Regional Manager Northern Sweden
Regional Manager Finland
031-749 24 04


Johan Kårlin

Regional Manager Southern Sweden
031-749 24 28

Daniel Gunnarsson

Regional Manager Norway/Business Manager
Corporate and Promotional Products
031-749 24 30


Birgitta Stjärnå

Customer Service
Specialist Sweden/Australia 031-749 24 10

Malin Bloom

Customer Service
Specialist KAM/International Sales
031-749 24 31


Maud Palm

Customer Service
Specialist Norway/Denmark
031-749 24 46


Lauok Bahaddin

Customer Service
Technical and Components / Spares Specialist
031-749 24 60


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